How To Submit

Once you have registered as a user and confirmed your account via the email, Please follow these steps - 

  1. Login to your account via the 'Sign In' link near the top right using your email and password.
  2. Click on the link 'Create Listing' link near the top right.
  3. Select your chosen listing plan type.
  4. Hover over the map, right click to zoom in to pin point your location 'Blue Marker'.
  5. Enter your 'Business Name' only [Joe Blogs Valeting] as an example, No other wording as our system will automatically add other data from the listing such as 'Location & Postcode'.
  6. Click on the 'Add Logo' button to select your valeting business logo to upload.
  7. In the first address field, enter your business/home number followed by the street name [1 some street] as an example.
  8. The second field 'Other' can be used for extra alternative location information such as 'Unit No' as an example.
  9. In the Town field you can enter your 'Town or Village' details.
  10. Select your general area from the 'Location Field 'Bedfordshire' or 'Bedford' as an example.
  11. Enter your 'Post Code' in the next field 'AB12 3CD' as an example.
  12. In the 'Area Code' field, for a land line '01234' or the first 5 digits of a mobile number, in the second field, enter the remaining digits.
  13. In the 'Specialties' field, use keywords separated by commas that related to your valeting business services 'Full valets, Mini valets' as an example.
  14. In the 'Description' field, enter your valeting business general information.
  15. Enter your valeting business website URL '' as an example.
  16. Do the same as above for any social media sites connected to your valeting business if any.
  17. Select the best Category for your valeting business activities.
  18. In the 'Hours' field, Enter your operating times in days and hours 'Mon - Sat / 8am - 6pm' as an example.
  19. In the next 'Other Information' fields, select the choices that best relates to your valeting business.
  20. 'Photos' click on the 'Browse' button to upload images related to your valeting business.
  21. Click on the 'Save Changes' Button.

From here you now have to make the listing fee payment via PayPal, once done your new listing now needs to be reviewed.

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